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Special gantry cranes with lifting beam

Special gantry cranes with lifting beam are intended for lifting and handling of long, oversized and awkward shaped loads.

Depending on usage environment and load attributes the following types of lifting beams are used:

  • straight
  • spreader
  • modular
  • mechanical specialized (magnetic, electromagnetic, friction, vacuum)

Special bridge cranes are supplied with:

  • flexible suspension  lifting beam
  • stiffer suspension lifting beam
  • longitudinal lifting beam
  • transverse lifting beam
  • bogie
  • rotating beam rotating hook

It is advisable to use special vacuum lifting beam for sheet products handling in order to avoid scratches and other material surface microdamage that can appear when using magnets.

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 Specification of special gantry cranes with lifting beam

Lifting capacity, t

Load-handling device type

Lifting height, m

Span, m

Working cantilever span, m

Crane operation mode group

10 - 90







Vacuum lifting beam

Up to 40

8 … 70

Up to 15

A5 – A7

! Parameter values can be changed according to the Customer’s technical requirements.