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Shipyard Turntables

Shipyard turntable — specialized transport system consists of supporting frame with the laid railtrack which are on the same grade with the ship handling lines.

Driveless shipyard turntable is intended to move block sections and ships while their building and repair. Transfer is effected from the lead track of one ship transfer area to another lead track of another ship transfer area.

While using shipyard turntables rather than slipways ship handling trolleys setout is conducted by the frame timber of the structure and ship projection and doesn’t depend from the railtrack setout on the cross-section platform.

Shipyard turntables of horizontal travel can have different load carrying capacity and length. It depends on a ship characteristics/submarines.

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Driveless shipyard turntable

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Main design specifications of the shipyard turntables  
Load carrying capacity, t 600 — 25 000
Load per unit of length of shipyard turntable railtrack t/m 100 — 300
Shipyard turntable traveling speed m/min 2,0 — 5,0
Rails quantity on the shipyard turntable to roll-on the ships, pcs. 1 — 3
Rails of the railway track, mm  800, 1 000
Ship-carrying trolley loading capacity o the transport system (max), tons 320
The load on the rail of the shipyard turntable from the wheels of the ship-carrying trolley, kN (ton) 200 – 900 (20 – 90)
Shipyard turntable railways quantity, pcs. 8 — 100
Under shipyard turntable trolley quantity, pcs. 8 — 400
Rolling rails wheels diameters under shipyard turntable trolleys, mm 600 – 1 000
Load on the railway from the running wheel of the shipyard turntable, kN (ton) 150 – 700 (15 – 70)
The height of the shipyard turntable is from the point of the railway track under shipyard turntable till the rail on the shipyard turntable point (without hole deepening), mm 800 – 1 000

* Parameter values can be changed according to the Customer’s technical requirements.