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Slipway is load lifting and ship lifting device of inclined type. It is intended for computer managed controlled lift and launch of the ships.

The slipways are divided to the lengthwise and cross-section:

Lengthwise slipway — shiplift equipment. It has inclined pane only without horizontal panel. In this case the ship is lifted and launched stern-first. Ship’s axis is situated railway track lengthwise.  Presently these type of slipways is used for the ships with the small water displacement.

Cross-section slipway — side slipway which is widen due to the horizontal elongation of the inclined plane. Herewith the ship is being lifted or launched by the board towards the water. Such construction permits to operate with the ships with the middle water displacement.

The slipway is required to maintain and repair the ships and to store during long winter period.

The slipway is the inclined land based platform to launch the ships to the water from the staple grade and to lift them from the water by the winches on the rail trolleys.

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Lengthwise slipway

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Main specifications of cross-section slipway

Full load capacity, tons


Inclined plane travelling speed, m/min


Slipway width, m


Lifting mechanisms quantity, pcs.


One winch loading capacity, tons


Parameter values can be changed according to the Customer’s technical requirements.